Take Control of your brain performance- in just 6 minutes a day

You do a lot of things to be your best in school. You study. You eat right. You exercise. But what are you doing for your brain? Your brain affects everything you do and how far you'll go in life. 

That's why your school is participating in the Roberto Brain Health Challenge. Roberto is the fun and revolutionary app from RC21X. You play a series of video games that challenge different parts of your brain. Memory, balance, decision making and reaction time all are included. Each session creates a detailed report that tells you how well your brain is performing. 

The Roberto Brain Health Challenge allows you to take control of your brain health and to challenge your classmates and students from other schools to top your scores. Plus, you can win cash prizes! Using Roberto won't make you smarter, but it will help you to make smarter decisions regarding your brain health. You'll see how things like exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress affect your performance. Then you can make the changes that make a better and healthier you. 


Play a Series of Fun Video Games

Seven fun games test different aspects of neurocognitive and neuromotor performance. The app is based on pen-and-paper and tabletop apparatuses used for more than five decades to measure brain performance. 

Track Your Progress In Seconds

Advanced trending reports allow you to spot trends and be proactive in your brain health. You can also monitor the effects of lifestyle changes like exercise programs, diets and new medications. It's available 24/7 on any iOS, Android or Amazon device.

Real Data You Can Use

Each Roberto session creates a unique Brain Performance Profile that captures more than 1,500 data points on your brain performance. You can share that data with your family, trainer, coach or doctor.


  • Students must download the Roberto App and take enough sessions to create their normal range
  • Only VALID BPP scores qualify students and schools for prizes 
  • High BPP scores must be VERIFIED
  • By taking a screenshot of the high score
  • By attaining a similar high score in front of a school official (i.e., Teacher, Coach, Nurse, Counselor, Principal)
  • A Roberto/RC21X Representative will confirm all winning scores

Privacy Statement: 

Home Base Impairment Company, Inc. (a company also doing business as RC21X) understands that the privacy of individuals is very important to them. As such, we are committed to providing those who use our mobile-based brain performance monitoring application (the "Roberto App") and its corresponding website (the "Roberto Site") with a safe and secure user experience. While the complete Privacy Policy pertaining to a person's access and use of the Roberto App can be found on the Roberto Site, set out below are some excerpts from that Policy that we feel are important to note for those who are participating in the "Roberto Brain Health Challenge". 

We at RC21X realize that most of the individuals participating in the Challenge will be under the age of 18. Regarding such participants, we want to make it clear that protecting the privacy of children is extremely important to us. To that end, everyone can be assured that neither the Roberto Site nor the Roberto App is designed to attract such children; and it is our intent and directive to comply with all laws pertaining to the protection of a child's privacy, including, without limitation, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (16 CFR 312). That being said, it is ultimately the responsibility of a child's parent or guardian to consent to such access or use and/or to monitor how it is being used and any results that may be generated. 

As for personal information that we may collect during a person's participation in the Challenge, we will not provide such information to any third party for their marketing purposes. That being said, we do reserve the right to use "non-personal" information (e.g., aggregate data or information that has been de-identified). For example, we may choose to show such non-personal information to users so as to allow them to evaluate their performance against other Roberto App users who participate in this Challenge. In these situations, any such non-personal information being disclosed will be done in either an aggregate form or in a form where all information that can be used to personally identify the user is removed or encrypted. 

If you have any questions regarding our company's privacy policy pertaining to the use of the Roberto App, please feel free to contact us at RC21X. 

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